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Sizden hayvanlar için başlattığım bu kampanyaya imzalarınızla destek olmanızı rica ediyorum. Başka hayvan katliamlarının olmaması için birlikte harekete geçelim.

Bu kampanya ile hayvanlara karşı işlenen suçların TCK kapsamında değerlendirilmesi için gerekli yasa değişikliğinin bir an önce yapılmasını ve hayvanlara şiddet gösterenlerin cezalandırılmasını talep ediyorum.

5199 sayılı Hayvanları Koruma Kanunu’nda bu suçun karşılığı olan cezaya göre: failler tespit edilirse hayvan başına 1,552 lira para cezası ödeyecekler. Hayvana şiddet ülkemizde suç değil, "kabahat". Ve bu konu kabahatler kanunundan çıkarılıp Türk Ceza Kanunu’na eklenmediği sürece caydırıcı cezalar verilemeyecek.

Kampanyama imzalarınızla destek vermeniz çok önemli. Bu konuda hep birlikte bıkmadan usanmadan bir kez daha ses çıkarmalıyız.

CAMPAIGN : God father of the Mass surveillance, Mind Control and Human Experimentation :

God father of the Mass surveillance, Mind Control and Human Experimentation :

VİDEO LİNK : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQouKi7xDpM&feature=youtu.be

KEVIN SHIPP, CIA Officer Exposes the Shadow Government: Lockheed Martin in the top center for all surveillance and illegal work on behalf of the government that operating under the facility of the underground military complexes # http://bit.ly/2FbDphs

Lockheed Martin established Gang stalking network through the home business franchise and illegal targeting in the USA and abroad- Ex NSA Employee Whistleblower Exposed BY pineconeutopia # http://bit.ly/2Fp1Wic . Peter Lewis Mazzone, Private EyeInternational Investigations . karenmstewart56 page# https://bit.ly/2HYQBmP

Bell Canada is the most active partner for Mind control & experimentation in Canada. More falsely leveled mental patient the more experimentation victim without question! Power behind of gang stalking;# http://bit.ly/294S22z . Bell Canada directly involved to facilitate technological/ radio frequency around the victims residence/home by installing the cellular antenna, wireless and other devices. In my home it discovered one of the cellular antenna that installed in the roof.

My understanding about human experiments/ abductions by the Aliens and/or Military-Aliens combine that Aliens mostly those are not as we think from the other galaxy and/or Star rather than under the ice of the Antarctica/ in the name of Hollow earth. I also believe experimentation/ abductions that most of them are Demons through the the Grey Aliens that have no soul and they are biological robot BY the Demons/ man made (military industrial complex). The Mk ultra/ Mind control and human experimentation is the program of the Demons/Reptilian that to eat the Humans. The Government implementing this program as the part of agreement of the Demons/ Reptilian. So, behind this program the Illuminati/ Global Cabal/ Corporations implementing the Demons agendas that ensure the food sources for the Demons/ Reptilians.

As per my experience and I believe based on evidences that most of the local Community agencies, Housing and home business franchise that included the health Care clinic, those are directly connected to with the torture center of Lockheed Marti. I discovered in my case, the handler for the torture against me is associated with one of that kind of business named ‘Jannat’, the Director of the Baraka Super Market, 60 Danforth Rd, Scarborough, ON M1L 3W4. They are also agent of the Police.Then who are the authority to investigate them?

Most of the mind control victims has been falsely diagnosed with the mental patient as the many Doctors in this society are along with this shadow and/or secret society. Where 99% victim does not aware about their victimization: presented by the consciousnessofone; http://bit.ly/1XJIMoB .

This is an open secret that most of the victims are under the Police investigation and the community agencies, perpetrators; perhaps working/ stalking the victims, surveillance and coordinating with regard to the experiment as part of the police investigation. It does not a matter the whole or a part of the police involved with this corruption, but it is obvious that the experimentation is going on under the Government secret mind control experimentation program.Most of the mass shooting/ murder consequences of experimentation that involved with the Alien experimentation(Demons).

So the government clearly liable for this kind of incidents. I saw most of the staff of the judiciary totally linked up with the secret society and I believe many highly official of the judiciary trapped by the deep state. The police and other government officials always cover up the truth. Most of the media knows about the truth but they silent because the Illuminati are the owner/sources of finance for the most of the media.

More importantly noticed that the targeted individual and of his/her family member being under multi-generational experiment program. The only way to escape from this horrific torture if it would be opposed and by the court proceedings. If any targeted individuals/ experimentation victim compromise with this corruption and/or join with this corruption, perhaps, he/she acknowledges/ give permission to multi-generational experimentation. In that case, he/she would only be an audience nothing can say against it.

Human experiment agendas going on Canadian School, College, Universities, Prisons, Hospital,home everywhere that mostly mechanized systemic racism# http://bit.ly/2g5GVuB

Gang stalking, electronic & microwave harassment, mind control & human experiment; victims falsified sanctions "Regulatory offence" under the secret court of the City municipal board based on the records racially profiled# http://bit.ly/2ynnUKX

The Inner Earth & Realm of Aghartha, civilizations that thousands of years ahead of us By Dr Joshua Stone . If they are human then why they are hidden from the surface world? Why we are unable to use their technology? Who covered up all those things?;# http://bit.ly/1vmPbKA

Reptilian/ Dark forces are living inner world and caves all around the world. Their activities become extremest because of public ignorance and its destroying human civilization."Reptilians live below the earth and eat children’s" BYThePleasure Light;# http://bit.ly/2EH6yN0

Corey Goode 2017 – 22 , Inner earth. Alien Genetic Experiments, Secret Space Programs & Break Away Civilizations # http://bit.ly/2HALeec

Reptilian Underground Bases That Hardly Anyone Knows About BY Zohar StarGate TV:# http://bit.ly/2sS8W2a

Defense Contractor Lockheed Martin Implicated in Covert Microwave Weaponry Assaults on “Targeted Individuals” by Ramola D/The Everyday Concerned Citizen/Posted June 30, 2016 # http://bit.ly/2tgBGlt .Defense contractor lockheed martin implicated in covert microwave weaponry assaults on ti’s BY TsunamixTV # https://bit.ly/2I5v2B3

Lockheed Martin also has operational command and control over a U.S. government microwave radio frequency weapon system, MIND CONTROL: MK ULTRA / MONARCH – Part Five: BRICE TAYLOR’S TESTIMONY# http://bit.ly/2FdPnHs

From my experience and I saw most of the general people hesitate and/or afraid to talk and/or support for the mind control and experimentation victim. But they even do not know there is extreme agendas ahead: About 80% of the population has been implanted already through chemtrail spraying. They spraying these chemicals on us, but they are emitting tiny nanobot technology through the aerosols BY MK ULTRA / MONARCH – Part Five: BRICE TAYLOR’S TESTIMONY# http://bit.ly/2FdPnHs

The astonishing matters is that the Corporations developing weapons and sharing the technologies from the Extraterrestrials in the exchanging human as their food. Over 7% of the population directly under the human experimentation and most of them doesn’t aware about where their pains connected to and hundred of thousands of people/kids missing, suicide and/or murders. Most of the mass shooting/ murder connected with these experimentation victims.

Many Whistle-blower/ professional engaged in the social media in connection with the UFO/Aliens disclosure and technologies that retrieve and/or exchanged. I personally believe most of the information already disclosed, but difficult find out from the disinformation. I’m also confused some discloses of the prominent Whistle-blower/ professional such as Corey Goode and Dr. Steven M. Greer. Corey Goode tells about the story of inner world people ‘Anshar’ . His impression about these guy’s of forth density, good people. I don’t think they are all good. They may be demons/ reptilian or hybrid and most of them they are evil. On the other hand, Dr. Steven M. Greer tells all aliens are good like human. They arranges lots of mediation ceremony to see these beings. These being showed up but I believe all are they ‘Demons’.

As some our Military are working with those corporation on the basis of the private partnership. But I believe the technology and/or advancement that developed all are within the custody and control of the Corporations.

On the other hand the global cabal Ritual Abuses, Human sacrifice through the mind control and human experimentation, deprivations; electronic & microwave harassment’s brain washed, kidnapping; murder; attempted murder; and psychological and emotional damage." # http://www.whale.to/b/sullivan.html . Mind control MK ultra the use of ceremonial magic for perverse reasons BY universe inside you# https://bit.ly/2qduykV ,BY Collective Evolution# https://bit.ly/2hx8JJy .

Our government knows all about the matters very well. Moreover, the Government knowingly facilitates to victimize the people, sponsoring the agencies who are actively working against victimization’s. Law-enforcement agencies are supporting the shadow and actively cooperating and participating with this corruption. But I totally failed to understand, how the government benefited with the supporting and/or part of this corruption. Because the government is for the people. Of course, the government is not the part of global cabal.

Government took the Oath over the protect the Constitution that provisions designed to afford protection of the rights of the people. It is very clear based on the various Supreme Court judgment that no law/ statute has power to infringed the individual constitutional rights.

The goal of the Judiciary to ensure that justice is rendered according to the law and every law must not conflict with the competing rights, all the facts and the constitutional values. In the various mass shooting cases, innocents being punished. Sometimes no one punished where shooter died and/or declared insane. Knowing the truth, many government organizations covered up these horrific mind control & human experimentation and tortures. The the government agencies knows who, when, where, What’s is going to happen. In Canada, the government has the full capacity to stop these horrific human torture.

KAMPANYA : Engellilere yönelik medikal ürünler ücretsiz olsun !!!


Dünyanın tüm gelişmiş ülkelerinde engellilere yönelik “akülü sandalye, tekerlekli sandalye” vb. gibi medikal ürenlerin bedeli devlet tarafından karşılanmaktadır. Ülkemizde ise SGK sadece sosyal güvencesi olan yurttaşların aldığı medikal ürünlerin çok az bir kısmını karşılamakta.

Oysa medikal ürünlerde tıpkı ilaçlar gibi kullanılması zorunlu cihazlardır. Bu anlamda ülkemizde yaşayan tüm ihtiyaç sahiplerinin SGK kapsamında olsun olmasın medikal ürün ihtiyaçları devlet tarafından ücretsiz karşılanmalı.

Unutmayın tekerlekli sandalye kullanmak bir lüks değil bir zorunluluktur.

Ayrıca bakınız Medikal sektöründe fahiş fiyat



Tarih 19 Şubat 2018’di. Çocuklara yönelik cinsel taciz ve tecavüzlerle ilgili olarak günün hükümeti tarafından altı bakandan oluşan bir komisyon kurulmuştu. Bu komisyon, gerekli araştırmayı yapacak ve sonucunu bir rapora dökerek hükümete, hükümet de onun ışığında hazırlayacağı cezaları artırıcı ve yeni önlemler almaya dönük yasa teklifini TBMM Başkanlığına sunacaktı.

Aradan sekiz ay gibi çok uzun bir zaman geçmiş olmasına rağmen ne yazık ki hâlâ bir şey yapılmış değil. Neyi bekliyoruz? Cumhurbaşkanı derhal Meclis’i harekete geçirerek söz konusu yasanın bir an önce çıkarılmasını sağlamalıdır. İsterse hemen olur. Aksi hâlde çocukların ah’ından hiç birimiz kurtulamayız.

KAMPANYA : Akarsu – Bakımlı köyü deresine yapılacak HES projesine hayır !!!


Bu güzel köy deresine yazık degil mi?

Kaç nesil kollarında yüzme öğrendi…

Trabzon Maçka’da bulunan köyümüz deresi üzerinde hali hazırda, yayladan aşağıya doğru 3 adet HES projesi yapılmış olup, Bakımlı ve Akarsu derelerini kapsayan 4. HES projesi yapılmak isteniyor.

Köyümüz deresinin son doğal bölgesi yok olmasın istiyoruz. Çocuklarımıza "bir zamanlar çok güzel bir deremiz vardi" hikayesi anlatmak istemiyoruz.

Zaten var olan 3 HES projesinin yanına 4’yü istemiyoruz, Bakımlı ve Akarsu dereleri bize kalsın.

CAMAPAIGN : Repeal FISA, by Kelb, Inc.


Repeal FISA, by Kelb, Inc.

Keep The Ethical Light Burning ve 2 diğer muhatap daha tarafına Keep The Ethical Light Burning, Inc. bu kampanyayı başlattı

Kelb, Keep The Ethical Light Burning, Inc., keepkelb.wordpress.com, is working to repeal the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, FISA (Title 50, Chapter 36). In our work in advocacy against non-consensual experimentation, it seems that some survivors may be on that list. Activists, human rights workers and civil rights workers may also be on these secret lists. We believe the very act itself, is violative, unconstitutional and denies due process and Fourth Amendment rights. Please sign our petition, join us and support this activity – the repeal of FISA and presentation of the names on the FISA list.

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, FISA seems a rebirth of the Cointelpro program and the Blacklist. The elements of each are the same. One’s placement in any of those programs is based on a subjective interpretation of everyday common events, at some point deemed anti-American or subversive (without a judge or jury). These same activities, originally called Cointelpro, now, have become secret, through Title 50 Chapter 36.

To be placed on the Blacklist (1956), an innocent comment, such as actor Will Geer made, praising the Russian theater, resulted in him being placed on the Blacklist. This negatively impacted his acting career. Lucille Ball’s grandfather was on a Communist Party roll. That got her placed on the “List”. Similarly, in 2018, with FISA enacted, it is possible that one’s conversation with an Afghanistani or Iranian taxi driver, about life and war, and one’s perceptions, could get one on the FISA list.

We all have thoughts on the theater, Russian or other, life, and war. Should voicing them, put U.S. military intelligence in our bedrooms – and put us at the risk of directed energy surveillance devices/ weapons, which DARPA furnishes to military contractors doing the surveillance, as allowed by Title 50, Chapter 36? 1.

Normally, warrants require “probable cause”, that a crime is being planned or committed. But FISA warrants do not. They require only that the FBI show probable cause to believe that “the target of the electronic surveillance is a foreign power or an agent of a foreign power.”2. This was the same prerequisite of the earlier Cointelpro activities. Will Geer praised the Russian theater, therefore, “he must be a Communist.” Flawed reasoning, then, had these people placed on a “list”, resulting in their lives and careers, being ruined.

Ramasastry at Findlaw, writes of this non-evidential process leading to surveillance: “Amazingly, even if the defendants move to suppress evidence resulting from the wiretaps and microphones from being offered at trial, they may still not have a chance to see the warrant applicants. The government will show them only to a “FISA Judge” – along with the underlying evidence, and an affidavit from the U.S. Attorney General’s Office stating that releasing the material would harm national security.

Without the benefit of adversary briefing, the judge will then rule on whether the warrants satisfied the law. Defendants will still remain in the dark – and when the motion is decided, they’ll receive yet another ruling based on secret evidence.” 3. IBID

All of the elements of Cointelpro, are present in FISA, only they have become secret. Placement on the FISA list takes the place of individual warrants and these people are accused of no crime. Those acts which infringe rights for a criminal thief, or drug dealer, in the FISA situation, can occur, to unknowing uncharged citizens. – this infringement/denial of rights, under FISA, includes due process and Fourth Amendment rights.

We seek repeal of FISA. It violates due process and the Fourth Amendment. It is a re-engagement of Cointelpro activities deemed illegal, by directive and case law. We seek full disclosure and transparency of the names on the list. Cointelpro –type acts are now encoded and secret under FISA. For these compelling reasons, we seek its repeal.

These definitions of terroristic acts and persons include much conditional language; such as “are about to involve”, “activities that are in preparation for”, “when circumstances indicate that a person may engage in such activities”. There is much conditional language in these definitions.

It would seem that a person “may” be “about” to engage in some questionable activity, or possibly he/she is following his religion, a set of beliefs, practices, different from the U.S. norm, yet not necessarily, with an intentional criminal outcome. These acts might be interpreted in many ways. Yet nothing in this code, FISA, allows for differing interpretation of agent reports, which might indicate innocence of the “charges”.

There is no “layer” of definition, of “reasoning”, including known and accepted legal reasoning, in this code. If it appears one “may” engage in a questionable act, that seems to be enough to have him “convicted” in this secret court, setting him up for years of warrantless, surreptitious surveillance – for an act or acts may be harmless, innocent. Legally, this is an unusual and legally questionable method of determining criminality.

Displaying a tattoo that says, “kill”, does not mean that the wearer is a killer. It seems it would be easy to lose this distinction with some of these conditional FISA definitions.

The Hollywood blacklist, was the practice of denying employment to screenwriters and other American entertainment professionals during the mid-twentieth Century, because they were accused of having communist ties or sympathies. The blacklist was rarely made explicit or verifiable, but it directly damaged the careers of scores of individuals working in the film industry.

Mississippi congressman John E. Rankin, a member of HUAC, held a press conference to declare that “one of the most dangerous plots ever instigated for the overthrow of this Government has its headquarters in Hollywood … and the greatest hotbed of subversive activities in the United States”. Rankin promised, “We’re on the trail of the tarantula now. 8. Lucille Ball, Eddie Albert, Pete Seeger, Lee Grant, Orson Wells and many others, were similarly blacklisted.

To be on the blacklist was both invasive and harmful. People were fired, unable to get rehired and prevented from working in their fields. Marriages were broken up and families destroyed. Miller was married twice. Singer Pete Seeger moved to Beacon, NY, built his house by hand and scheduled his own performances, singing children’s songs to get scheduled, as the blacklist placement began to impact him and his singing career.

When the U.S. Army was under investigation for communist activities, the Army’s lawyer, Joseph Welch, asked Senator McCarthy, “Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last?” A week later, the hearings into the Army’s “communist infiltrations” came to a close. McCarthy was officially condemned by the U.S. Senate for contempt against his colleagues . The list was closed out in 1960.

Later the Church Senate Subcomittee would find the companion, FBI’s subversive programs Cointelpro illegal.

Some of the Blacklisted artists and others, openly discussed topics characterized, then, as “Socialist “ and “Communist”. They spoke of inexpensive medical help for the poor, help for economically disadvantaged women with children, inexpensive housing and methods of surviving in a competitive, “middle class society”. Discussions such as these, in those years, could well be, and often was, considered, subversive.

In later years, these topics would be openly discussed. FDR instituted a welfare system for dependent persons in 1930. In the 1960’s, Lyndon B. Johnson began the “Great Society” to raise the standards of living for poor people. These became American law. Certain socialist concepts became the very fabric of American law. Ironically, support of these principles, the cause of the intentional destruction of these American men and women’s lives, became written into American law.

As the Blacklist and House Committee on UnAmerican Activities was created and used, Cointelpro developed, along with it, for the same reasons and purposes. Hoover interpreted 50 USCA Section 841, the Communist Control Act, to validate these activities.

Between 1956 and 1971, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) conducted a campaign of domestic counterintelligence. The agency’s Domestic Intelligence Division did more than simply spy on U.S. citizens and their organizations; its ultimate goal was to disrupt, discredit, and destroy certain political groups. The division’s operations were formally known within the bureau as COINTELPRO (the Counterintelligence Program). The brainchild of former FBI director J. Edgar Hoover, the first Cointelpro campaign targeted the U.S. Communist party in the mid-1950s. More organizations came under attack in the 1960s. FBI agents worked to subvert civil rights groups, radical organizations, and white supremacists. Cointelpro existed primarily because of Director Hoover’s extreme politics and ended only when he feared its exposure by his critics. A public uproar followed revelations in the news media in the early 1970s, and congressional hearings criticized Cointelpro campaigns in 1976. 9.

In 1956 Hoover interpreted a recent federal law—the Communist Control Act of 1954 (50 U.S.C.A. § 841)—as legal justification for the Blacklist and acts of Cointelpro.

Cases, concerning really strong violations of due process, our constitution and felony law, began to arise after Cointelpro was used to apparently harm and discredit Americans, who were causing no actual harm.

In cases, Handschu, The Socialist Party, and others, Cointelpro acts are found to be illegal. The Socialist Party was heavily harassed including, as per their case, “disruption, surreptitious entries, use of informants and electronic surveillance…” These seemed the acts the FBI and other intelligence agencies were involved in.

The Handshu agreement, (agreement made, 1971) or decree, was the result of a class-action lawsuit filed against the City of New York, its Police Commissioner and the Intelligence Division of the New York City Police Department (NYPD) on behalf of Barbara Handschu and fifteen other plaintiffs affiliated with various political or ideological associations and organizations, known as Handschu v. Special Services Division, 605 F.Supp. 1384, affirmed 787 F.2d 828.[3] The plaintiffs claimed that “informers and infiltrators provoked, solicited and induced members of lawful political and social groups to engage in unlawful activities”; that files were maintained with respect to “persons, places, and activities entirely unrelated to legitimate law enforcement purposes, such as those attending meetings of lawful organizations”; and that information from these files was made available to academic institutions, prospective employers, licensing agencies and others. In addition, plaintiffs protested seven types of police misconduct: (1) the use of informers; (2) infiltration; (3) interrogation; (4) overt surveillance; (5) summary punishment; (6) intelligence gathering; and (7) electronic surveillance, and alleged that these police practices which punished and repressed lawful dissent had had a “chilling effect” upon the exercise of freedom of speech, assembly and association, that they violated constitutional prohibitions against unreasonable searches and seizures, and that they abridged rights of privacy and due process.12.

In this case and similar cases, suh as Bivens and Social Worker’s Party, the acts and intentions of the Cointelpro program of the U.S. intelligence agencies, were found to be legally violative and illegal under American law.

Later, similarly in the FISA, the loss of due process and ability to answer charges the legal reasoning or any reasoning step attempted in the name of fairness or due process, is similarly eliminated. This violates the very basic tenants of our court system – the ability of the accused to face his accuser.

One noteworthy victim of Cointelpro activities was the actress Jean Seberg and her subsequent suicide. 13. Because of her support for the Black Panther Party, actress Jean Seberg was targeted for ‘neutralization’ by the FBI’s COINTELPRO effort. SAC Richard W. Held, the author of the request, went on to become SAC San Francisco at the time of the bombing of Earth First activist Judi Bari. He subsequently retired from the Bureau to become Head of Security for Visa International. 19.

Congress has adapted and upgraded a Blacklist, based on inquisitional precepts, precluding guilt. FISA,(code, definitions, included) a secret court, now includes electronic and mass surveillance methods of targeted harassment.

The Red Scare has morphed into the “Terrorist Scare”. Prohibited behavior, openly coded nowhere, includes everyday occurences and innocent friendships. The FBI man, hidden by sunglasses and his newspaper, has been replaced by a secret FISA court order, (with Fourth Amendment rights unheeded) enacted with unseen highly invasive, minimized, electronic devices.

We assert that FISA is an extension of Cointelpro, an attempt to codify and secret the illegal actions and intentions of Cointelpro. Any secret legal proceeding, be is state or federal seems clearly violative of American Constitutional intentions. We came here to overcome the kangaroo courts, the workhouses of a repressive and corrupt England. A secret FISA court, making judgements in secret, on unknowing citizens seems in league with the kangaroo courts in England. For these pressing reasons, we seek repeal of this “secret” American court, along with a restoration of constitutional rights, to those aggrieved by these violative practices of FISA.

In the United States v. Battle case (a FISA case), Battle alleged he was followed, surveilled and electronic bugs were placed in his living spaces.

In their argument, the defendants contended that the government should reveal the justification that support the issuance – by the clandestine Foreign Intelligence Surveillance ACT (FISA) Court – of the secret warrants that enabled the FBI to surveil them.24.

Specifically, the defendants seek to review the warrant applications the FBI submitted to the FISA Court on the basis of which the warrants were granted. Pursuant to the warrants, the FBI secretly wiretapped the suspects’ phones and planted microphones in their homes. As a result of its surveillance, the FBI ended by intercepting more than 271 conversations.

Without knowing the basis for the warrants, the defendants contend, they cannot know if their Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable searches and seizures were abridged. The judge ruled, however, that the basis for the warrants will remain secret. 25.

This is a very troubling development. Unless the ruling is reversed on appeal, it will mean that a U.S. citizen can now be convicted of a crime, without ever knowing the reasons why the government was given permission to spy on them in the first place. 17. These same allegations of wrongdoing are also complained of in the Handschu, Social Worker’s Party and other Cointelpro cases. The wrongdoing defined in the Cointelpro cases is the same wrongdoing complained of in the FISA case. It would seem that these intentional actions are the same – merely made secret in FISA includes due process and Fourth Amendment violations. FISA must be repealed and the list of names revealed, to stop the rights’ violations, which occur in its enactments.

As the unethical precepts of Cointelpro were found to be unethical and illegal, so must FISA be found so, repealed and names revealed. Cointelpro activities were found to be illegal, constitutionally violative and unethical. The same acts, of intentional discrediting, break-ins, privacy invasion, stalking – occur to uncharged Americans, now daily, through the vehicle and intent of FISA, in place of Cointelpro.

Cointelpro was found to be illegal, so too, FISA needs to be found illegal, repealed, and the list of names repealed.

FISA must be repealed, so that America can reclaim her soul and citizens can once again be free to “ live by no man’s leave”, as the international code, established at the Nuremberg Trials, after our engagement in the war fought “for democracy”, instructed. This is vital to the American way of life. We came to America, not to harness obliging servants, but to be free from servitude. FISA violates our constitution and our governmental intent. It must be repealed and list names given.

The following “Repeal Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act FISA Title 50 Chapter 36” is Workproduct of Kelb, Inc., Keep The Ethical Light Burning, keepkelb.wordpress.com.Any resemblance noted, is coincidental. This Kelb Workproduct may not be copied in any form, reproduced, or copied, computer or social network copied and shared with any individual, nor any entity, unless with written permission from Lynn Weed, Director, Kelb. It is Kelb Workproduct.



3. Havaalanıyla İstanbul Atatürk Havaalanı’nın kapatılacağını ve Millet Bahçesine dönüştürüleceğini bizzat Cumhurbaşkanı söylemiştir. Gerekçe olarak da İstanbul Atatürk Havaalanının ihtiyaçlara cevap veremediği ve yetersiz kaldığı ileri sürülmektedir. Bu durumda yeni bir havaalanına geçişe diyecek bir şey olmayabilir. Ancak, bu bir taşınma, bir geçiş ve bir yer değişikliğidir.


3. Havaalanının isminin yine ATATÜRK HAVAALANI olarak korunması, siyasi olduğu kadar, hukuki hatta ahlaki bir zorunluluktur.

29 Ekim 2018’de, Cumhuriyetimizin ilanının 95. yıldönümünde Türkiye Cumhuriyeti kendine yakışanı yapmalıdır. İstanbul 3. Havaalanının adı ATATÜRK olmalıdır.

Aşağıda adı-soyadı ve imzaları bulunan bizler bu konudaki kararlılığımızı bildiririz.