Basic Shielding Tips and Countermeasures to Wireless Torture: Saran Wrap [leather, plastic, or rubber insulation] on head, Mylar on windows, ceramic on floor, baffles on all sides, mirrors all around, and water bottles and pillows and other baffles around the head when trying to sleep

Basic Security: chair and baffles against door at all times while inside to guard against abductions+ongoing video recording and locked container for critical items at all times while away from residence+ensure that as many people as possible can account for your presence and movements+never be outside after dark (do not leave residence after 8:00pm or before 6:00am)+keep loud alarm/panic button with you at all times throughout the day to call for help during emergency+yell loudly, bang on walls, and make as much noise as possible to draw attention to self during home invasion, attempted abduction, or assault, and point your finger [remember Kitty Genovese: you must point your finger at a bystander or call a particular name and ask him/her to call the police directly before you can be certain of help; basic social psychology: most bystanders would do nothing even when watching the brutal stabbing of a female in front of them])

Basic Survival Information: controlled dreams in 2015 suggest perpetrators’ intent to turn self and younger males in extended family into gay prostitutes for older, White males in same way as abducted children in Colorado and throughout the Midwest are turned into MK-ULTRA mind control sex slaves or as poor and minority children especially are “legally kidnapped” by organized criminals within Child Protective Services, Denver Social Services, and the U.S. Foster Care system; 400,000 missing children in 1996 alone not investigated by F.B.I.; F.B.I.=secret police or America’s KGB, according to John Whitehead; link between organized stalking and child trafficking not only from F.B.I. coverup of child trafficking and F.B.I. operative involvement in organized stalking according to John Hall in June 2013 podcast but also from perspective of perpetrator; victims targeted based on “how easy” it would be to target them in same way as bully targets victims; victims usually without support structures but more importantly victims forced to lose support structures (bully’s secret: victim must be blamed for being targeted but innocent victim is forced by bully into position where he can be blamed for being targeted); parents psychologically beaten after years of racial bullying=parents “permitting” sexual abuse and prostitution of children by silence as seen in dream; parental submission more likely especially if to authority figure and especially if from racially bullied minority parent to White authority figure [lesson from Judi Chase tragedy: “legal kidnapping” of minority and poor children especially by Colorado politician, judge, and other high-level figures in the state in child trafficking ring for elites]); lesson from deceased F.B.I. Whistle-blower Ted Gunderson: contact in Germany suggesting global C.I.A. child trafficking program on military bases+children between ages 2 and 21 abducted and sold in auctions throughout Midwest for up to $50,000 per child; not only C.I.A. but also officials from the F.B.I., State Department, Army, Customs, local police departments, and others involved in child trafficking and coverup of child trafficking and satanic criminality (local police often do the groundwork of abductions and organized stalking); important lesson from GmB Bailey’s 2010 book Closing the Gap: all Intelligence Agency atrocities in the 20th century like MK-ULTRA, COINTELPRO, and Gladio not stopped but forced underground and even worse in 21st century; C.I.A. has a private army in every European country with Gladio; C.I.A./DoD operatives will not only hunt you down across the world but already there in foreign country, especially in the West; avoid Western states

Basic Reference Material:, Michael Bell’s 2012 book The Invisible Crime: Illegal Microchip Implants and Microwave Technology and Their Use Against Humanity, Dr. John Hall’s 2009 book A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America, Dr. John Hall’s June 2013 podcast, Robert Duncan’s The Matrix Deciphered (2006 eBook) and Project: Soul-Catcher, Volume II: Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed (2010), Mark Rich’s New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control (2010 eBook published in print in 2011), Judi Chase’s Portals Memoirs, Charlene Fassa’s articles on the Judi Chase tragedy in Colorado, and episode 237 of the Pete Santilli show (details on child trafficking in Colorado and the Columbine shooters’ rape by policemen)

Important Note: Early 21st century=rising White nationalism to establish “an exclusively White Identity politics” (see Steven Gardner’s 2005 essay)+high-tech racial bullying to downgrade racial minorities and artificially select for politically weaker minorities in preparation for outnumbering of White population by 2042 and coming resource wars (see NLP Thesis)+Revolution in Military Affairs (R.M.A.) targeting individuals and groups for their ideas guided by the most advanced Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) systems in the world+high-levels of U.S. Military infected by Nazi ideology+Nazi-satanic take-over via endless trauma, bullying, and Far-Right N.S.A. Satanic proxies like the Tea Party and others in Western states (popular Tea Party leader Paul Vallely strongly tied to self-professed satanist and N.S.A. Chief Thomas Aquino, who allegedly invoked “demons” behind Nazi atrocities in his “Welwelsberg working”)=assymetric, non-lethal warfare being used by psycopaths in the U.S. Military to target individuals and groups for their ideas (some racial perspectives likely classified as “enemy ideas”; White nationalism in particular guided by advanced A.I. as seen in N.L.P.-Death-By-Laughter program described in NLP thesis; expect no mass resistance: racism now high-tech and guided by mind control technology capable of isolating those most likely to discover it); future of the West defined by blood and witch trials: run as far as you can.

Final Note: Remember at all times that these are not government scientists “testing” on you: these are criminals with technology that have “bought” your soul with an implant and are trafficking you across an underground without your awareness; other criminals can buy “air time” on your implant to do whatever they want with your mind and body. Do whatever you can to survive and remove or nullify your implant (proven nullification tips from personal experience: neodymium magnet on spine region at base of neck, vaseline on bone at base of left ear lobe, or neodymium magnets on either side of left earlobe, with proper pole closest to bone at base of left ear lobe; use a $10 Stanley Stud Finder or any other cheap metal detector to scan your body for implants)

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